Meet the Team

The Team at Tuned in Asia is a blend of marketers, creatives and digital enthusiasts based in Seoul, South Korea.

We created  Tuned in Asia magazine to share our insights and local trends in the Asia digital environment.

Danielle Potgieter

I am passionate about Photography, Hiking and Travel. I like conducting interviews and writing about travel stories, social media trends and success stories. I landed in Seoul 6 years ago, and fell in love with the quality of life. I was born in Cape Town, South Africa but call Seoul home.

Eunji Song

Hugo Pigache

I travel a lot and spend long hours studying Korean since I did an academic exchange in the country two years ago. I write about Finance and culture.

Jacob Lehar

What I like is learning new things every day, understanding how and why the world works. That's why I enjoy writing about politics, international commerce, social-economic related topics.
Why Asia? I grew up exposed to Korean culture in my hometown, studied Korean language in high school & college, and graduated from Yonsei University in Seoul.

Jina Jang

My passion in life? Storytelling. Good books, Good eats, Good friends​
I want to understand why things are as they are based on evolution, culture, history, anthropology​, psychology, and write about it.
Why Asia?​ It's where my roots are and it's being criminally generalized and fetishisized. More discourse is needed by people who can share balanced perspectives.

Judy Kim

I was born in Seoul, moved to California when I was young, and came back during college under unforeseen circumstances. But now steadily between two cultures! I am a videographer so I enjoy creating stories together with creative talented minds. When I don't film I enjoy meeting unique people and have them talk about their travel stories or digital industry tips and advice.

Kyounglym Pang

Margaux Poirier

French, I graduated from a master in communications in Paris and moved straight away to Seoul for its dynamism, and unique digital environment. I enjoy writing about the different ways nations brand themselves to attract tourists, investors or entrepreneurs.

Rikyo Takayama

Sato Kobayashi

Stephanie Namkoong

My passion in life? Watching sports games! I love writing essays and sharing my personal opinion on entertainment and marketing with others. I was born in Korea and plan to stay in Asia for my future career just because I like the climate condition in most of Asian countries.